Tuesday, August 2, 2011

شرفِ مشتری اور لوحِ شرفِ مشتری کا تعارف TAWEEZ SHRAF E MUSHTARI KA TARUF

An Introduction Of Jupiter Glory And Jupiter Talisman
Hazrat Imam Fakhuruddin Razi, a known scholar said Allah has placed great attraction and strong effects in planets and stars.these effects are accomplished on earth by their movements not only this but what happens in the world even all the incidents and influences are according to their movements and their affects.
Every planet has its own significance like , sun has.. and mercury increases memory, while Venus concerns with love, marriage and Saturn is related to work and property while Mars concerns with the over ruling of enemy and moon concerned with the religious matter.
Like wise the planet Jupiter is related with money, wealth, happiness and increment of property and luck. After about 12 years when this planet comes near Saturn at 15 degree its power becomes very strong. At this time Jupiter enlightens its power and energy on earth which will be collected by the astrology based talisman.
Many amulets, talisman is prepared on this blessed moment. By the grace of Allah  the effects of these talisman and amulets will enhances persons wealth and attracts money into one's life and eliminates all problems related to money. 
As this moment is coming in September 2013 after 12 years so should take benefit of this very effective blessed time and moment.
I prepare talisman and amulet for specific purposes. As the this moment coming after such time everyone can easily own one of the talisman according to need. This talisman/ taweez can bring hope and  blessed life to hopeless person and eliminates all the related hurdles and bring peace and tranquillity it removes constant failing in good furtune . one who are losing their father money . and who has a fear of losing money or property due to any reason for this i prepare specialTalism. Even those who are under debt from many years and there is no way out for them  for those i prepare special talisman for recovery from debt. The people who are depressed due to small salary and less earnings this sharf , amulet or talisman has a great signifance to over come these circumstances . I prepare special package of talisman for the one who want to be filthy rich , prosperous and propertied the effect of this kind of sharf is beyond in explanation.
Hence for the wealthy, peaceful and easy life, with the increment of salary or income ,progression in career, finishes proverty, to over come the damages by the enemy in the business and successful career this time and blessed moment is very beneficial by the grace of Allah
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